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List Building 101

  • Lesson 1: Branding & Planning

    This module is all about "setting the sail" and building a strong foundation for our list building system. We will often come back to this work as a reference to help us in the future.

  • Lesson 2: Domain Name & Hosting

    Taking our work from the first lesson we look at setting up a new domain name and hosting account to power our marketing system and make it easy for people to find us.

  • Lesson 3: Setting-Up Your Autoresponder

    This is how we automate our marketing and develop relationships with people who opt to receive information from us - basically we do less work and have more free time.

  • Lesson 4: Installing WordPress

    WordPress is a really powerful tool that we are going to use to:

    a) provide your subscribers with fresh content and

    b) attract new subscribers and people interested in buying your stuff.

  • Lesson 5: Installing Lead Capture Page"

    FREE BONUS!! The squeeze Page is a web page that we're going to send people to to collect their email addresses. I'm going to send you one that I had made just for this course as a bonus to help you get started quicker.

  • Lesson 6: Creating An Awesome Incentive

    In order to convert our traffic into subscribers we are going to need to produce some form of giveaway like a coupon code or a downloadable eBook, video, sound recording, guide or even a report or something. We'll look at our options and some FREE tools to help us.

  • Lesson 7: Writing & your Follow-Up Sequence

    Using the work that we did in the very first lesson, we'll look at how we can best help our audience; while at the same time be looking to grow our business and improve relationships with our customers.

  • Lesson 8: Updating your WordPress Blog

    Once all that is in place, we're going to look at how we post content to our blog AND how we use that content to grow our business.

  • Lesson 9: Updating your subscribers

    The last piece in the puzzle is how we go about creating a "moving forward" strategy with everything we've just created including our actual content scheduling and email marketing, our facebook, twitter, youtube and other social media accounts.

  • BONUS 1: Free 100MB Hosting Account (UK Servers).

    If you're simply testing the water with email marketing and don't want to commit to the expense of a hosting account then feel free to use 100MB of our servers on us!

  • BONUS 2: Free Mobile Lead Generation (squeeze) Page.

    We're also going to show you our super powerful lead generation pge which you will use to convert your traffic into subscribers.

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This is what you get with email marketing.

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Enjoy More Time

You get more time as the technology does all the work for you!

Flexbility & Scalability

The sky is the limit and there are no rules or restrictions!

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Provide a better, more personalised (humanised) experience!

Stickier Traction

Grow faster, see more opportunity, attract better people and things!

Live an Easier Life

Work smart, not hard and start to enjoy the things you should be enjoying!

See Faster Success

If you're not mailing your list then you're leaving money on the table!

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