The Best Method For Growing Your Network Marketing Business

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This article is going to explain a marketing strategy designed to automate some of the working parts of your network marketing business and in doing so allow you to be more effective and achieve better results.

Essentially the aim is this – work less, earn more – and you’re not changing anything about what you do now or how you do it. We’re talking about adding massive value to your current day-to-day activity.

grow your network marketing business

What is something that the top 20% providers in network marketing have in common? Something that the average Joe might’ve not even thought about? If you think of any “guru” in near enough any industry, you’ll see that they’re implementing this strategy into their business and for a good reason.

They say that knowledge is power; that’s because your knowledge forms your perspective and what you see.

The most powerful example for me would be when I learn a new word. It surprises me how often I hear it, after I learned the meaning of it, where I may have never even heard it being used before.

Think about when you or someone close to you buys or thinks of buying a new car and suddenly – you see that car everywhere you go?

This happens in every aspect off life not just with cars; it’s how our brains are wired but what it shows us is – obviously if we don’t understand something, our brain just filter out the information – or more likely our brain hasn’t been exposed to the concept so it doesn’t even consider saving that kind of information so it doesn’t.

When we learn about the new thing or the new thing is brought to the forefront of our consciousness in a highly emotive way then we’ll see more of it in the world as we continue to live our lives and this added perspective sometimes allows us to see more of the opportunities that we perhaps wouldn’t have even noticed before.

Wouldn’t you love it if you could present some information to someone, which then shifted their perspective and what they saw as they lived their life after that one moment that they spoke with you?

This actually happens for us quite a lot but what also happens is, as time goes by, reality kicks in and that idea or information that we gave that person looses its effect and that concept is no longer in their field of consciousness.

All network marketing companies host conferences and events because it injects their sales force with a new belief and energy and anyone who’s ever been to one of these sorts of things know how powerful and positive they can be and how quickly they can loose their effect on, even within a few days of having been.

The people we speak to are no different to this and even if you presented really good information and had a momentary change on that personas life, then no matter how good or powerful it was, the effects would NATURALLY start to wear off within a couple of days.

What we need then is a way of constantly updating our “prospect” with information to ensure that our opportunity is in the forefront of their consciousness and is present in everything they experience as they live their life. That is how we will get them to buy our products or services or join our distribution network and duplicate our activity.

We can’t expect one exposure to our idea or information to be the game changer for someone, instead we have to present them with information and allow that information to impact their reality and what they see when they live their life and take them on a journey through their own reality by adding to the information you’ve already given them and constantly sticking in their minds.

The best way for us to do this effectively and affordably is by using a strategy called “email marketing”. Think about it, how much does it cost to send an email?

Are any of the people that you look up to – or aspire to be like using email marketing?

Have you ever been told that the money is in the list?

How to add subscribers to your email list

email-marketing-funnelThere are a number of ways to add subscribers to your email list. One way would be to say to someone something like “do you mind if I email you every now and again with news on what’s going on in my business?” (do this after you’ve blown their minds with awesome content).

They say “ye of course” then you manually add them to your email list. This is a baby step towards a conversion. A very painless (but crucially important) step towards their journey into working with you.

Speak to 10 people a day, by the end of the first year you’ll be emailing 3,650 people every time you send am email.

“But sending an email to 3,600 odd people is spamming people” I hear you cry.

When you add each person to your list you also add their first name and when you email your list you use a bit of code to display their first name so everyone gets what they think is a personalised individual email to them from you. They can unsubscribe from your list in any email you send to them.

Now the cool part, automation

You could write out 24 really good, timeless emails (as in aren’t seasonal etc – just purely content – links to videos, articles, landing pages etc) and have those emails go out to a new subscriber one every two weeks for a year.

That’s just the automation side of things, obviously you’d email your list with “live” broadcasts.

Other methods of growing your list

Aside from manually adding subscribers to your list you can also use web elements to allow users to add themselves to your list. Traditionally this would be done using something like a blog or a landing (squeeze) page.

Usually this method would require some form of bribe so you would have to create a document or bonus to get them to join your list. You could even program a 7 day email course or something.

What you need to do if you want to implement email marketing as a strategy moving forward in your business?

Building an email list is a very good thing to be doing in the current marketplace and businesses who aren’t growing and marketing to their database simply won’t see as good a growth in their businesses as those who are.

It takes just as much energy to do something incorrectly and badly as it does to do it well. Just so happens that I’ve mapped out the entire process of building one of these systems (including squeeze pages and a blog) and I’ve created a step-by-step document (over 100 pages in Microsoft Word) on how to build one of these from scratch on your own domain – do it all for yourself and do it for free.

I have amassed a collection of resources and services to help you with your projects from bonus eCovers to custom designed squeeze pages (which I give away as part of the course – I teach you to upload and edit them). I am also offering my students a free 100MB hosting account to get started with their own system (I used 26MB when I build the demo for the guide). I show you everything you need to know to build your own email list and you can use that information to make your system as simple or as complicated as you like.

If you would like me to send that over yo you please visit “the blueprint” registration page and if you liked the post please share it. Thanks.

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